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Why opt for a boutique custom development agency?

As a boutique marketing agency, we offer highly specialized tech services. Our end-to-end services save our customers from hiring a separate agency (or several) for their different needs, such as app design, AI integrations, UI/UX design, and custom software. This approach is not only more economical, but also more efficient and less overwhelming. Channeling all of your marketing needs to one agency keeps everything on-brand, consistent, and manageable. 

Custom development services:

cutting edge

custom application development

Our talented team can deliver both web and mobile applications customized to fit your niche. Our intuitive designs are made to accommodate the needs of your users while reflecting your brand and suiting your industry. 

For projects that require next-level sophistication, we offer the capability to incorporate machine learning and deep learning models as a part of the scope.

Industries & Fields include:

Artificial Intelligence

Is your organization ready to start leveraging the power of AI? We can help you integrate cutting-edge AI features to your existing tech landscape. 

Our techie team can even help you incorporate natural language processing features like content intent and chatbot services and voicebot, including Amazon Alexa and Google Home integration. Springing AI can help your team save time, expedite customer service requests, and boost your reputation as an industry leader incorporating the latest technology.

Our AI offerings include:

Interaction design (UI/UX)

User interface is…all the visual or graphic elements a user interacts with in a platform. UI design or User Interface design is the process of creating the visual interfaces for a software application… UI designers help users to navigate an interface by using visual cues.

User experience refers to the overall experience of a customer or a user using a product, platform or service. Especially in terms of how simplistic and pleasing it is to use. 

UI/UX design is a research-driven process aimed to create the optimal user experience. When properly done, UI/UX can help foster brand loyalty, build trust with your audience, and lead to more conversions. 

Our UI/UX Services include:

Software Products

If you’re in the hospitality industry or another niche that revolves around responding to a multitude of customer bookings and requests, then you need a powerful software solution in your corner. 

At TruLata, we back your customer service department with the tools they need to process heavy volumes of customer inquiries and bookings, without compromising on quality or efficiency.  

Our Software Products include:

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