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We create high-converting look-and-feel designs with flexible layouts that adapt to the capabilities of the wide variety of devices and screen sizes in today’s market. We design iteratively using the industry-renowned Content Management System, WordPress, combined with HTML, custom CSS, and complete with powerful plugins.

Throughout our design process, you’ll have regular opportunities to review our work and provide feedback, so we can fine-tune the website as we go. Here’s a peek at our website design process.

Request a Proposal
Get an Estimate
Tell Us About Your Project

The first step is getting in touch and telling us about your hopes and dreams for your website. Will it be a one-page wonder, a 10-page services-based business site, a full-blown online shop, or something else? Let us know your website goals and any other services you'd like to bundle, and we'll put together an estimate. With your approval, we'll sign the contracts and move to the next step.

Get to Work
Meeting & Brainstorming
We'll Map Out a Plan

Equipped with all the details from our initial meeting with you and any further direction you provide, we'll start shaping your ideas into a website concept.

Start Designing
Creating a Rough Draft
We'll Commence Designing

Based on your goals and brand, we'll start developing a modern website within the WordPress framework. Our designs are supplemented by HTML5markup, CSS2.1 + 3 stylesheets for styling, and unobtrusive JavaScript for feature detection, poly-fills, and behaviors. Translation: within weeks, you get to see a draft of your new, high-functioning, cutting-edge website that more than meets modern trends and standards. 

Desktop Browser Testing
Ensuring Desktop Functionality
We'll Test the Website

Responsive web design is an absolute must in today’s ever-advancing tech climate. A person’s experience on a website often plays a key role in determining whether or not his visit will be converted into the desired action (a sale, sign-up, or whatever your goal may be). Our thorough testing checks to make sure no user will slip through the cracks and your website will perform seamlessly on whatever platform your audience may be using. In view of this, we'll test our work in current versions of major desktop browsers including those made by Apple (Safari), Google (Chrome), Microsoft (Edge), and Mozilla (Firefox). 

Mobile Browser Testing
Ensuring Tablet & Phone Functionality
We'll Test Some More

With the modern user generally accessing the web via smart phone or tablet, testing popular small-screen devices is an essential step in ensuring that each member of your audience has equally good access to your website. We test our web work to make sure it responsively supports:

iOS: Safari, Chrome

Android : Chrome, Samsung Browser, Firefox

Time for Feedback
You'll See Your New Site!

Once we're happy with the design, we'll send it to you for review. You'll have the opportunity to preview the site, get the full user experience, and provide feedback. We'll make any changes you like! We're not done until you're happy with your website.

Launching the Site
Time to Go Live
We'll Publish Your Site

Lastly, when you give us the green light, we will publish your website! It will be live and ready to share. At this point, we'll make sure your site is discoverable by search engines so you can start ranking higher and higher. Time to start capturing leads!

Continued Maintenance
Post-Launch Upkeep
We'll be on Call

Just like your brick-and-mortar office, your website will need continued maintenance to have longevity and continued functionality. This is true, no matter how good the initial design is. After the site has been launched, we will be available to make continual updates and changes to content and design as needed. This will ensure your website always looks fresh and the periodic addition of new content will help your site rank high on search engines. 

Backups & Updates
Ensuring Functionality & Security
We'll Perform Weekly Backups

We will automatically create weekly backups for your website so you can rest easy knowing your website is safe and sound. Under our techy eagle eyes, your website will always be kept secure according to the most up-to-date security standards available.

What about website hosting?

No website can exist without being hosted on a server. Still, the sheer amount of hosting options on today’s web market is enough to make any business owner dizzy. 

A poorly selected hosting option can sadly equate to frequent downtime for your website and business email. Experiencing such downtime is not just inconvenient but also unprofitable. Not to mention the frustrating time inevitably spent on tech support lines trying to pinpoint where the problem is. 

The TruLata team refuses to waste our time and yours with unreliable servers. That’s why we have invested in state-of-the-art, cloud-based servers for hosting our client’s websites. These are among the fastest, most secure, and most reliable servers available on the market. 

We understand that your business is your livelihood. You cannot afford downtime on your website! 

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