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Analytics Reporting & recommendations


We configure analytics tools to start capturing key data about your web traffic, ads, and social media. 


We'll configure a custom dashboard that will generate reports on all your analytic stats, organizing the data in an intuitive, online format.


We're always available to help you make sense of the data and provide recommendations on how we can work together to improve your stats.


We implement any recommendations you'd like to improve audience engagement and drive conversions.


Watch your traffic and sales grow as we continually refine your approach to maximize ROI.

When you market with TruLata, we keep you in the loop every step of the way. As a boutique marketing agency, our specialized efforts will be qualified and quantified, reassuring you that your investment is not going up in smoke but rather returning to your pocket. How do we do it?

We’ll provide you with a simple dashboard that has website, ad, and social analytics that your team can access in real-time. That way, instead of waiting for a monthly report, you can check your stats whenever you fancy.

This dashboard solution is better than a static report because you’ll be able to see stats from not just the current month, but from all time or select dates. That means you can easily see your progress or seek answers at any point. Our personalized, easy-to-navigate analytics dashboards result from a concentrated effort to provide insights into the marketing efforts we’re doing on your behalf, so it can be tailored to maximize your ROI and promote absolute transparency. 

This type of reporting holds our team accountable, ensuring your marketing budget is well spent and that we’ve made true to our word regarding the deliverables we have promised. 

We closely monitor your analytics to create customized, comprehensive reports and then make ourselves available to review those with you, providing recommendations when needed. 

are analytics worth it?

Investing in a custom analytics dashboard is the best way to monitor and measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

We go beyond simply emailing you PDFs with some fancy-looking charts and graphs. Instead, we’re available to help you access your dashboard, understand the stats, and help you break down the data, so you can leverage the insights it provides. With our always-accessible dashboards, we can help you identify room for growth, making valuable recommendations on what you can do to get more of the right traffic and turn that traffic into sales. 

Plus, when you opt into our analytics services, you see the hard data showing you that our marketing efforts are making a real difference for your business. 

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