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Most passionate business owners have many hats to wear and often many things to juggle at once. The inbox is always full, and the ‘to-do list’ is ever plentiful. You are an expert in your field, but taking the time to write about your niche of knowledge may feel like the last thing you have time for.  Beyond that, many business owners feel that writing is simply not their thing, or if it is, writing in a way that can rank high on Google remains a mystery.

Yes, for these and many other reasons, writing top-notch content gets put on the back burner by business owners everywhere. 

Why prioritize high-quality content anyway?  Google sizes up your website’s value partly based on whether your website has been updated with fresh content periodically. Simply creating a website and letting it sit without adding anything new is as good as handing your website an SEO death sentence. 

Still, not just any new content is good. Your content — whether for your website, social media posts, ad copy, press releases, newsletters, etc. —  needs to be relevant to your audience, well-written (nothing says ‘unprofessional’ like a typo), and SEO-conscious. Expertly written content is crucial to targeting and engaging with your audience. 

Our team’s specialized SEO writers will conduct keyword research for your industry and draft compelling content designed to drive organic traffic to your website and truly engage your audience. 

Our approach is data-driven, measurable, and extremely powerful in the long term at ranking your site to your desired demographics and target markets. 

are pro blogs worth it?

One of our most popular content writing services is business blogging. Let’s zoom in on why it’s worth having in your marketing budget.

Investing in professional blog writing accomplishes at least three business-smart objectives:

In short, yes, paying for pro blog writing services is worth carving out in your marketing budget.

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