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For most business owners, Search Engine Optimization is an undefined concept. Thankfully, our approach to digital marketing de-mystifies such intimidating technical terms and makes them ‘small business owner friendly.’ 

Basically, the critical function of SEO lies in its name; search engine optimization. It describes the process of optimizing a website to maximize its ranking on major search engines, such as Google, to increase meaningful website traffic. Modern digital marketing analysts recommend various approaches that range from a scientific approach to an emotional one. 

emotional approach to seo

With an emotional-based approach, an SEO team may place more importance on how humans use search engines like Google, trying to anticipate what a person might punch into a search bar, sometimes even before said user is aware that they need a service or product. For example, the team might write a blog post or page on a website that includes strategic keywords that might funnel traffic to your website, even if the user is unaware that they could need your services. 

scientific approach to seo

With a scientific-based approach, an SEO team may focus on understanding how Google ‘looks’ at a website (in code and algorithms) and decides whether or not to give it a high ranking on a page of search results will then consider these factors throughout the web design and content writing process. For example, using outbound links, writing meticulous metadata, and many other SEO tactics may be used to capture Google’s attention and assert a website as valid and important. 

Your local auto repair shop could have a blog post about “What to do if My Car is Leaking Oil?” or “Top 5 Ways to Increase Gas Mileage”. These titles and posts would naturally include keywords that car owners are organically searching in Google, and they may land on your website even before they know that it’s in their best interest to bring their car to your shop for a service. By the end of their visit to your site, it could convert into a sale, and they may call you up for an oil change appointment.

Here at TruLata, we like to combine these two approaches, leaning to neither extreme, but ensuring all of our bases are covered. We work on the back end of your website, optimizing the behind the scenes nuts and bolts to make sure everything is ‘Google approved’. Then, as we write content for the pages and blog posts on your site, we make sure important key words are included, anticipating your potential client’s thoughts, without being too obviously focused on ranking high through key words alone. We structure each page and post in a SEO-friendly way, careful not to miss an opportunity to boost your Google ranking. 

What do Our Boutique SEO services include?

Beyond handling your SEO from both the scientific and emotional angles, we’ll send you audits, analyses, and updates to help you see how your site’s ranking is improving over time. We will conduct an ongoing analysis of your website from an SEO perspective and make adjustments accordingly.

We aim to get you as far up as possible on the first page of Google search results when keywords related to your company are searched for by potential clients in your area.

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